Shuttle Rack

  • Upright
  • Top Bracing (Top Tie)
  • Diagonal Bracing
  • Horizontal Bracing
  • Row Spacer(Connecting Bar)
  • Supported Beam
  • Drive-In Rail Beam (Pallet Support)
  • Rail Bracket
  • Terminal Cover (Connector)
  • Shuttle
  • Remote control
  • Forklift Stopper Plate
  • Pallet Guide ( Guard Board)
  • Post Guard
  • Accessories

Advantages of Shuttle Rack

  • The goods can be easily placed and removed within a row and different kind of goods can be selected in any place.
  • The movements of used shuttle pallet can be easily controlled as needed.
  • The Goods can be easily placed and removed as there is speed adjuster of separator between the pallets.