Why should we use ‘Racking System’ for your warehouse?
  1. Easier Stock Count & Control: Faster and Easier to store/receive goods in the warehouse
  2. Space Saving: Maximum space utilization (Saves space up to 40% as goods are stored more vertically)
  3. Saves Labor Costs: Requires fewer labors, Reduces damages to the good
  4. Flexibility: Adjustable & Customizable rack heights, lengths and loads to suit goods’ dimension
  5. Addition & Expansion: Can be easily added new racks to the existing racking system for business expansion
  6. Less Maintenance: Little maintenance required for conventional types (Selective, Drive-In, Longspan, etc)
  7. Durability: Fabricated to withstand certain good’s load and dimensions, rack structures are very durable
  8. First-in First-out: Good accessibility. Compactible with forklift/reach truck/stacker, etc
  9. Convenient Operations: Safe & Simple operations for the operators
  10. Simplicity: Most simple racking type
  11. Better Ventilation: Better air circulation in the warehouse/storage area